Dietary supplements for hypertension

Den Sanders October 12, 2020

Dietary supplements for hypertension and high blood pressure are dietary supplements effective for hypertension to reduce blood pressure? treatment of hypertension with dietary supplements with irregular jumps in blood pressure does not make Sense to constantly take medication. A good alternative to blood pressure pills is dietary supplements (dietary supplements).

They can not only normalize the level of blood pressure, but also strengthen the body as a whole! Saturate it with nutrients, improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The effect of such drugs is aimed at preventing the development of hypertension and preventing cardiovascular complications. The value OF dietary supplements for hypertension is that they have almost no contraindications.

Unlike pills, they do not cause addiction. The composition contains only natural components of both plant and animal origin without chemical impurities. Who can not eat garlic: the answer of doctors Read more 5 places in the house where you can not keep money.

DIETARY supplements for hypertension and pressure In our country for the treatment and prevention of hypertension registered and allowed to use a lot of drugs made on the basis of plant components. You can read about the most effective dietary supplements that help normalize blood pressure in the BP Zone Reviews on dietary supplements.

DIETARY supplements “BP Zone” . Recommended for people who have frequent releases of the hormones epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol. Under the influence of these hormones, a person’s pulse and breathing become very rapid, vascular resistance and cardiac output increase. Read more about the drug and where to buy >>> dietary supplements “BP Zone” biologically active additives” BP Zone” is able to neutralize the consequences of such human conditions.

It normalizes the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, thereby preventing spasms of small vessels. One month of taking the drug is enough to stabilize the pressure. BP Zone contains natural ingredients that are indicated for hypertension.

These are rosehip, viburnum, B vitamins, lysine, hawthorn, turmeric, Rhodiola rosea, Ginkgo biloba. Active food Supplement “Optimum blood pressure”. The main component of the drug is Jerusalem artichoke tuber, rich in fiber, proteins, and amino acids. The drug is a crystalline inulin obtained by physical and mechanical means without the use of chemical treatment.

The drug not only reduces blood pressure, but also normalizes cholesterol levels. It is recommended for people both for the treatment of hypertension and for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The action of the drug is aimed at reducing BLOOD pressure and removing toxins and “bad” cholesterol from the body. In addition, it makes up for the lack of vitamin E and strengthens the immune system. “Cardiology”. Not being a medicinal product! The natural drug has a number of pharmacological abilities: it has a rejuvenating effect, increases energy, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, maintains normal blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. It is indicated for people with heart diseases and those who experience frequent physical activity.Dietary supplements for hypertension

The drug contains only natural medicinal herbs. They effectively reduce the level of blood pressure, contribute to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. They have a good effect on sleep, actively fight stress and fatigue.

The drug is a diuretic. “Optimum blood pressure”. It is indicated for lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and preventing strokes and heart attacks. “Garlic tincture” — easily prepared at home. It strengthens the body’s immune system and fights changes in BLOOD pressure. It is a good preventive measure for cardiovascular diseases. Dietary Supplement “Selen-active”. The drug is made on the basis of the substance “chitosan”, extracted from the shell of a crab. It consists entirely of dietary fiber. It quickly strengthens the immune system and has antispasmodic properties. “Coronal”. The drug calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, removes excess fluid from the body.

The composition contains only plant components. The use of dietary supplements for high blood pressure treatment of hypertension with dietary supplements is the saturation of the body with necessary vitamins and trace elements. Specialists have developed dietary supplements that can not only lower blood pressure, but also eliminate the cause of hypertension. These drugs restore metabolic processes in the body, reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar, help to remove toxins from cells and tissues, and increase immune abilities.

After the course of treatment, the patient feels the following changes: blood circulation improves; the heart beats evenly; the pressure does not increase; there is a sense of cheerfulness and lightness. After a course of treatment, the tone of the veins and blood vessels improves. Dietary supplements from pressure contain substances that promote the removal of salts.

Taking them helps you lose weight, which is a common cause of hypertension. Taking drugs with a different spectrum of action leads to achieving the maximum effect. For example, one drug improves vascular tone, the second normalizes blood circulation, and the third makes the heart work properly. The course of treatment is usually two to three months. Sometimes taking these medications is part of a complex therapy for the treatment of hypertension. But it is more often recommended at the initial stage of development of cardiovascular diseases as an alternative to chemical tablets.

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What do you need to know about primary arterial hypertension?

Den Sanders April 5, 2020

Among different types of hypertension, there is one type that occurs rather seldom. We mean primary pulmonary hypertension. It spreads its effect on pulmonary arteries and capillaries. As the pressure is increasing, it makes the heart work harder to deliver blood to the lungs by blood vessels. The result of this deviation can lead to heart failure or even death, as the heart is getting weak. Another problem with the diseases is that there is no universal cure for it. The only way to help the patient is to relieve symptoms and make life easier.

Do not ignore the following symptoms!

As it is known, the main problem of hypertension is the absence of any symptoms at the beginning. Then they may become noticeable, and sometimes it is too late to help the patient. In the case of pulmonary arterial hypertension, it is important to pay attention to the following signals:

  1. A short of breath.
  2. Pressure in the chest and pains in it.
  3. Irregular pulse and heartbeat.
  4. Swelling of different parts of the body including ankles and legs.
  5. Vertigo and the state of extreme fatigue.Do not ignore the following symptoms!

It is especially important to keep in mind that breathing problems can appear when you do sports or exercise. Even after a piece of training, you can feel difficulties in breathing. It is the first sign, that pulmonary arterial hypertension is eventually developing.

What are the roots of the problem?

The problem can appear when arteries and capillaries become narrower or there are some damages in them. It becomes difficult for them to deliver blood from the heart to the lungs. It can happen because of several conditions, but the real root of pulmonary arterial hypertension remains still unknown. The doctors report that almost 20% of cases are connected with heredity. It can be connected with genetic mutations and these damaged parts can be inherited through the generations.

Besides, some other conditions can be the reason of PAH development:

  1. Liver diseases that are chronic in most cases.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Tissue disorders.
  4. Different infections.
  5. The result of incorrect medication.

Sometimes these conditions have no effects on the development of the problem. In this case, doctors claim that the deviation is called idiopathic PAH.

The effective ways to diagnose the problem of PAH

If you have a suspicion that you have PAH, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor must conduct several tests to prove that the problem exists. These tests may include electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, chest X-ray, CT or MRI scan, pulmonary function tests and some others. These tests are aimed to find the root of the problem. ECG is aimed to find any changes in the rhythms of the heart. X-ray often observes arteries and the lower right chamber. It is done to clear up if these parts are subjected to enlargement.

All these tests will make a full picture of potential conditions that can affect the development of the disease. This will help the doctor to find the exact problem and work out the ways to solve the problem.

3 ways to help a patient with PAH

As has been mentioned there is no universal treatment for the diseases, but there are some ways to ease the symptoms. With the help of an efficient doctor, patients can live longer lives and the risks of complications are decreasing.

The first way to ease the problem is medications. Doctors usually prescribe the following medications:

  1. It is necessary to widen blood vessels.
  2. Different kinds of stimulators for the same reason as prostacyclin.
  3. Endothelin receptor antagonists. They are aimed to block the extreme activity of endothelin.
  4. Medications that prevent the appearance of blood clots.

The second way to struggle with the problem is surgery. Everything depends on the condition of the problem. In some cases, surgery is the only way out. The operation is aimed to relieve pressure on the right side of the heart. It becomes easier for the heart to circulate blood in the body and deliver it to the lungs. If the problem is serious, and the patient has a risk of death, lung transplantation may be needed. Even heart transplantation can take place if the doctor considers the case as severe.

The final way to overcome the difficulties is to change the way of life. Almost any illness or deviation in the body is connected with an improper way of life people lead. One of the key ways to change it is to keep to a diet. Doing regular exercises and losing weight are also among popular ways to be in good shape and avoid chronic diseases. Alcohol and smoking addiction also produce negative effects on health.

How many types of pulmonary arterial hypertension exist?

If we look at the article published by the World Health Organization, we can define four stages of PAH.

  1. Stage 1. A patient doesn’t feel any symptoms and leads a typical way of life. There are any noticeable symptoms.
  2. Stage 2. In this case, a patient feels a little uncomfortable during periods of physical activity. In the state of rest, the symptoms are not noticeable.
  3. Stage 3. The symptoms appear when a person has even a slight or ordinary activity. But when he is resting, the symptoms are disappearing.
  4. Stage 4. In this case, any type of activity is a challenge for a person. He feels uncomfortable even when he doesn’t do any exercises.

New approaches to ease pulmonary arterial hypertension

Recently, the American College of Chest Physicians published a guideline about how to struggle with the problem, including the latest scientific achievements. They pay attention to the people who at risk of PAH development. These patients must be examined by the doctors regularly. It is recommended to start treatment in any situation, even if a patient has the severest symptoms.

Women who are at risk of PAH development should avoid pregnancy. In the case of being pregnant women must get additional medical assistance from the doctors who specialize in pulmonary hypertension treatment. Any surgeries are also dangerous for people with this problem. It is not recommended for the people suffering from PAH travel by planes, as it can cause complications.New approaches to ease pulmonary arterial hypertension

Though the problem remains unsolved, it is possible to control the symptoms and ease them. The only thing that patients can do in this case, is to follow doctors’ advice and take care of themselves. Regular exercises and the right food can prevent the problem. Bad habits also increase the risks of PAH development. Negative effects produced by elements in cigarettes and alcohol can be the cause of several other illnesses, and pulmonary arterial hypertension is not an exclusion.

In any case, if you have a suspicion of hypertension, it is better not to delay your visit to the doctor. After a careful examination, the doctor can start treatment with all the necessary medications and surgery if it is the only way to cope with the problem. You can’t win the health back, but you can live with it.

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What is implied by the notion of “hypertensive heart disease”?

Den Sanders March 28, 2020

Every state connected with high blood pressure is dangerous for a human, as it can cause several illnesses. One of the most important is hypertensive heart diseases. It occurs because of high blood pressure. But first of all, it is necessary to specify the types of illness as they can be various. And the treatment of them also requires different approaches.

What types of hypertensive heart diseases exist?

If there is a problem with hypertension, it usually affects the arteries and heart muscles. In general, doctors distinguish two types of heart diseases:

  1. Arteries narrowing.
  2. The changes in heart size.

As for the first, the problem arises when arteries deliver blood directly to the heart. If the blood pressure level is abnormal, the vessels are narrow. Under these conditions, blood flows slowly, or even blood circulation may stop. Doctors commonly relate this deviation to the illness called coronary heart disease. In this case, the heart has difficulties transporting blood to other organs in the body. The consequences of this disorder can lead to death or a heart attack.What types of hypertensive heart diseases exist

As for the second problem, it is related to the muscles, as in all other parts of the body. When we have regular exercise, we strengthen our muscles. The same situation is with the main organ of our body. High readings in blood pressure make the heart work as hard as possible. It becomes difficult to pass blood through the arteries. And the heart began to grow because of these conditions. These changes another complication, that is even more dangerous than coronary heart disease.

Why is it dangerous to be a victim of these states?

You know that any disorders or inflammations in our body cause changes in our bodies. These changes can be serious, but sometimes they are quite difficult to notice. But these two conditions seriously affect the heart and the following complications occur:

  1. Heart failure: it is associated with a condition where it becomes difficult to transport blood to other organs of the body. Lack of blood causes problems in other organs as well.
  2. Arrhythmia: it is the most widespread symptom among adults. It simply means that there are irregular beatings in your heart.
  3. Ischemic heart disease: the key point here is the lack of oxygen delivered to the heart.
  4. Heart attack: there is not enough blood for the heart, and the result of it the lack of oxygen that makes the heart die.
  5. Sudden cardiac arrest: it is a sudden stop of the heart, it leads to death when a person stops breathing and loses consciousness immediately.
  6. Stroke and death are the most serious complications that can occur. It is almost impossible to return to a normal life after a stroke.

How to identify the symptoms of this disease?

Despite the fact, that hypertension is called “a silent killer”, it is possible to notice that something is wrong with you. It is especially noticeable when you have hypertensive heart disease. The symptoms can be different, and the presence or absence one of them is connected with many factors. But the main symptoms are the following:

  1. Pains in the chest.
  2. Shortness of breath.
  3. Pains in different parts of the body, including shoulders, arms, legs.
  4. Coughing.
  5. Extreme pressure in the chest.
  6. Loss of appetite.

If you have one of these symptoms, it is strongly recommended to visit a doctor to take your blood pressure. A regular examination by a doctor can help you stay healthy. But if you feel that your heart beats abnormally, it is the first sign that you have problems with blood pressure. It is better nor to postpone your visit to the doctor, sometimes, even calling the emergency service can save your life.

But it is reasonable to ask the question, who can suffer from it. The answer is quite simple to the questions. People who have obesity, lead an inactive way of life, smokers, and alcoholics, fast-food fans – they are all subjected to this problem. Doctors report that hypertensive heart disease can be inherited. If anybody in your family has ever suffered from it, the problem can appear in the next generation. It is even said, that men have more chances to suffer from it. But the risk of hypertensive heart diseases is developing with aging, no matter what sex you are.

What are the medical instruments to identify the problem?

If we speak about identifying the problem, the doctor must conduct a full examination including kidneys tests, physical examination and so on. It is also recommended to get to know the level of sodium and potassium in the body, as they are very important, especially the level of potassium. It can be the key factor in developing high blood pressure. A complex examination can include electrocardiograms. It reflects the activity of the heart.

The most effective way to identify the problem is coronary angiography. It shows the ability of the blood to run through arteries. The procedure includes a small tube, that is put into the artery through a catheter. Some other additional tests help identify the problem. The doctor may ask you to do some exercises to examine the heart. Another popular test is a nuclear stress test. It is usually carried out when a patient rests and exercises. It gives two different readings that are compared to specify the ability to deliver blood to the heart.

How to treat a person who has hypertensive heart disease?

Any kind of treatment depends on the state of a patient. If the condition is serious, it requires much more attention. It can also depend on the age and medical history. If we speak about medication, the main aims here are:

  1. Prevent blood from clotting – in this case, doctors usually prescribe aspirin.
  2. Water pills are usually prescribed to lower blood pressure.
  3. Blockers and inhibitors are necessary to lower blood pressure.
  4. Nitrates also help reduce pain in the chest.

It is extremely important to take all the medications as the doctor prescribed because any deviation can make the problem even worse.

How to treat a person who has hypertensive heart disease

In some cases, surgery is the only way out. When the problem is considered as rather serious, the surgery includes implanting a pacemaker in the chest. The importance of the device is rather high, as it produces electrical impulses. It makes cardiac muscles work properly.

The National Health Service reported that the easiest way to avoid hypertensive heart disease is to keep to a balanced diet. It is recommended to keep to a low-fat or high-fiber diet. It can’t protect you at all, but the risks of development are decreasing. Physical activity is another factor that can improve your state, and it is connected not only with the heart. It is better to get rid of bad habits, including smoking, alcohol intake and extreme stress. If you want to be healthy, it is up to you to decide what way of life to lead. Even 10-15 minutes of exercise will be enough to stay in good shape, but it is necessary to do them regularly. People who don’t do regular exercise are twice likely to have heart problems than those who exercise daily.

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What should be taken into account while taking blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 20, 2020

Hypertension is one of the most important readings that doctors pay attention to. It is so, because a patient may have no symptoms at all, but his blood pressure is not normal. Sooner or later it will be uncovered, but it might be too late. The best way to control blood pressure is to do regular readings. There are usually two numbers that are involved while taking blood pressure: systolic and diastolic. The first deals with the pressure in the vessels when the heartbeats, the second is when it is in the state of rest. According to doctors, normal blood pressure is approximately 120/80 mm Hg. But it can be different in different parts of the day and because of certain conditions. And it is necessary to know what to do if your blood pressure is high or increasing.

Physical activity helps to avoid lots of problems

A key way to stay healthy is to lead an active way of life. An experiment conducted in 2013 showed that it is possible to reduce blood pressure with exercises as well as taking medicines. With the exercises, you train your heart, and as a result, it works with less effort. The only question remains how much we should do exercises to remain healthy. This point was discussed by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. If we pay attention to their research, we will see that 40-minutes training is just enough to stay healthy and control blood pressure. If it is difficult to exercise 40 minutes, it is possible to start with 10-15 minutes a day and then increase it deliberately.Physical activity helps to avoid lots of problems

You don’t need to be a professional sportsman to exercise regularly. You can train every day by going the stairs up and down, walking, doing the housework, riding a bike or just playing basketball with friends. The only condition here is to do it regularly. In 2017 doctors studied the effect of tai chi on humans’ blood pressure. The result was striking. People who took up tai chi didn’t suffer from high blood pressure. It is possible to reduce the readings with 15 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure, and even up to 10 mm Hg in diastolic.

Are diets really helpful to win your health back?

With a great variety of diets, there are some of them that help struggle with hypertension. Almost every diet is connected with a loss of weight, but not any diet can reduce blood pressure. There are usually two popular types of diets: the low-carb diet and the low-fat diet. Both of them are aimed to help people lose weight. The analysis conducted by doctors showed that the low-carb diet is more effective if you want to reduce blood pressure. Both diets have the same advantage, a person doesn’t feel hunger for a long time keeping to these diets.

But keeping to a diet is not the only way to control your blood pressure. Another important factor in being healthy is to get enough vitamins and avoid harmful products. When your body feels a shortage of vitamins, it begins to work in extreme conditions. When we speak about hypertension, it is important to eat products with high potassium concentration. Dairy products, fish, fruits, and vegetables solve this problem easily. And at the same time, you should control the level of sodium intake.

Another problem is connected with what we are eating. It especially concerns processed food, as it contains many salts. You get much more slat from these products than from a salt shaker at home. Typical low-fat food is rich in salt and sugar. It compensates for the shortage of fat in the products. It is not recommended to eat food with the concentration of sodium more than 20%.

Try to resist dangerous temptations

There are lots of addictions that produce harmful effects on the body. The most popular among them are alcohol, smoking, and drugs. Smoking is dangerous not only for lungs but for blood pressure too. It causes a temporary effect on blood pressure increasing. But a mediocre smoker experiences these changes regularly. And one more fact that must be noted, even if you don’t smoke, but somebody is smoking around, it also produces the effect on you. It is especially dangerous for children. The scientists reported that children who live in a family where parents smoke are subjected to hypertension more, than children who live in a non-smoking family.Try to resist dangerous temptations

Alcohol also influences your blood pressure level. It is raising under its effect. Even a small dose of alcohol can change your blood pressure. A typical drink includes 14 grams of alcohol, so a normal dose of alcohol varies from men to women between one and two drinks.

Among the modern risks for our blood pressure, the scientists single out stress. People must control the stress level, and there are even some techniques that are widespread nowadays. One of them is breathing exercises. They help people reduce their blood pressure. Listening to music is also considered as one of the effective ways to avoid hypertension. Among other popular ways to control blood pressure levels are sauna and acupuncture.

Why do we need good sleep and meditation?

Sleep deprivation is one of the problems that can also develop hypertension. It is not recommended to sleep less than 7 hours and more than 9 hours a day for a long time. People who lead such a way of life are subjected to the development of hypertension. At the same time, lots of people are complaining about uncomfortable sleep. There are various reasons for it: uncomfortable beds and pillows, overstraining, short naps during a day. If you want to remain healthy, try to follow a regular timetable. Go to bed at a certain time, and wake up at the same time in the morning even on holidays.

Mediation is another popular way to be in good shape. It can kill two problems simultaneously. It can reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Yoga as a way of meditation includes breathing control, posture, and meditation itself. It is possible to reduce blood pressure levels by 3-4 mm Hg doing meditation or yoga.

What else is important to kill hypertension?

There are lots of other popular ways to control blood pressure levels. Regular coffee intake can cause problems with blood pressure too. It also has a temporary effect as well as smoking. The effect can last 45-60 minutes, and these readings can change from one person to another. The best way to control it is to reduce the number of cups of coffee a day. It is especially important for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Now this problem can be solved easily, as there exists decaffeinated coffee.

At the same time, dark chocolate is producing rather goof effect on our blood pressure. It can lower blood pressure. The only thing that must be noted, that dark chocolate must contain about 60-70% of cacao. A couple of squares a day can reduce the risks of heart diseases. People who eat dark chocolate regularly are less subjected to hypertension. So, the number of ways how to control blood pressure is almost countless, and it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

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What do doctors say about high blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 16, 2020

When doctors say about high blood pressure, they usually use the term “hypertension”. The most dangerous thing about this illness is that you can have no symptoms at all. Due to this fact it is sometimes called a “silent killer”. If people don’t know their blood pressure, it can lead to different complications and consequences. High blood pressure over a long time can influence different organs in the body, and it can lead to serious problems such as a heart attack or a stroke. So, the doctors recommend taking regular blood pressure readings.

A healthy person has a blood pressure of about 120/80 mm Hg. But it can vary from one person to another because of different factors. If you have high blood pressure, doctors usually prescribe some medicine or strongly advise to change the way of life. First of all, it is important to know the roots of the problem to take the necessary measures to stop or prevent the disease.

What can be the reason for hypertension?

It is rather difficult to single out the only cause that can develop the disease. It is usually connected with several factors, that are combined. Among them, doctors usually speak about regular alcohol intake, side effects of medications, different uncontrolled diets and inactive way of life. All of these factors stimulate the process of high blood pressure development.

What can be the reason for hypertension?

And, it is necessary to state, that aging is one of the key factors here. As you are getting older, your body is getting tired and some functions don’t work properly. In this case, secondary hypertension can occur, as it is connected with kidney disease. If the causes remain unknown, doctors usually speak about primary hypertension.

How to protect yourself from high blood pressure?

The first factor that has an influence on our body, in general, is an eating habit. Sometimes people don’t have enough time to have regular meals, and they replace them with snacks or just a cup of coffee. And caffeine is even more destructive for the body than alcohol. If you want to change your eating habits, there is a recommendation given by the American Heart Association. They have worked out a diet that is called the DASH diet. This type of diet includes various vegetables, fruits, and grains. At the same time, you can hardly find in the recommendation such elements as fats, sugar, and sodium.

Sodium and potassium – are they both important for us?

These two elements are rather widespread, and it is difficult to imagine our daily life without them. But we must take special care, as sodium is not so health-giving as potassium. Let’s see where the difference lies. Sodium is one of the elements that retain fluids in the body. Due to this, it is better to reduce the regular intake of it. The result of taking too much sodium can lead to extreme pressure in the blood vessels. It is especially dangerous for people who are suffering from diabetes and kidney disease. For healthy people, a normal intake of sodium is about 2,300 mg a day or even less. And if you have the above-mentioned problems, it is necessary to reduce it up to 1,500 mg a day. It also concerns people who are older than 50 and African-American.

Another situation is with potassium. It works as a killer of sodium. It reduces its amount in the body. Getting enough potassium can help control the blood pressure level. A normal dose of potassium should be about 4,700 mg a day for an adult. You can find this element in beans, potatoes, avocados, bananas, and salmon. If you are keeping to a diet, consult your doctor to find a suitable menu. But it is also important not to take too much of it, as overloading the body with this element can be harmful, especially for people with chronic kidney disease.

Simple ways to control blood pressure level

The first thing that must be mentioned is regular exercise. You don’t need to be a professional sportsman to be absolutely healthy. The researchers found out that 150 minutes of exercise will be enough to avoid hypertension. But if you already suffer from hypertension, you can even start with 40 minutes of exercise a week.

Obesity is another dangerous factor in our health. It influences our general state and can be the reason for hypertension. Even a couple of kilograms gained, can have a bad influence on the body, and gradual loss of weight can change the situation for the better. There are a lot of ways how to lose weight. It is better to consult a doctor to find the best one. It must be safe for you and not cause any side effects.

Alcohol addiction is another problem that leads to hypertension. Regular alcohol intake stimulates the process of constant blood pressure increasing. The AHA warns people to limit the amount of alcohol. But at the same time, a glass of wine can bring some benefits than do any harm.

Another problem that goes hand in hand with alcohol intake is smoking addiction. Instead of increasing risks of cancer development with each cigarette, it also produces a bad effect on blood pressure. Though scientists are not sure that cigarettes influence blood pressure for a long time, the risks of inflammation still exist.

What vitamins are important to control blood pressure?

According to John Hopkins, vitamin C is vitally important for our health. He reports that 500 mg of it can reduce blood pressure. It works as a remover of fluids from the body. As a result, the pressure on vessels is getting lower, and also leads to blood pressure reduction.What vitamins are important to control blood pressure?

Another element that is important for our body is vitamin D. It is necessary for different organs in the body, especially for women who are planning to become mothers. The shortage of vitamin D can cause several illnesses. The researchers also report that it can lower the blood pressure level. Where can it be found?

The greatest source of vitamin D is fish, especially salmon. Then come herring and sardines. Another popular supplement is cod liver oil. Dairy products, especially milk, are also rich in vitamin D. If you want to add some vitamins to your daily life, consult a doctor to make up a menu.

How can stress ruin our bodies?

Despite the fact, that some scientists claim that stress can be beneficial for our health, this idea is very tricky. Short stress can produce a good effect on the body, but if you suffer from long-term stress, it is another situation. Stress is considered to be the root of many health problems. And hypertension is among them. The only way out of it is to reduce it. It can be done by meditation. This direction is quite popular among eastern peoples. It includes breathing exercises that help control the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

A lot of people complain that they can’t avoid stress because of their occupations and family problems. If you don’t know how to do it, ask a therapist to help you. There are a lot of widespread techniques that help control the stress level. In any case, your health is in your own hands. Nobody will care for you better than you are yourself.

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What does the diagnosis “portal hypertension” mean?

Den Sanders March 11, 2020

The problem is connected with portal veins. These types of veins usually deliver blood from the stomach, pancreas to the liver. The circulation through the liver is very important as it works as a filter. It removes toxins and other harmful elements. When blood produces extreme pressure on the veins, in this case, doctors usually state that a patient has portal hypertension. It is important to note, that this type of disease can be treated if you consult a doctor as soon as possible. But the problem to find the problem is rather serious, and it is such an undertaking.

What are the signals of the problem?

One of the most noticeable symptoms of portal hypertension is connected with gastrointestinal bleeding. It appears when a person has black stools. If you have this problem, it is a sign of internal bleeding. Another problem that is usually seen includes ascites. It is the state when a person notices that his belly is becoming bigger. If it happens together with black stools, it is undoubtedly portal hypertension.What are the signals of the problem?

The root of the problem is connected to liver damages. The most serious problem, in this case, is cirrhosis. It is developing because of two widespread reasons: hepatitis and alcohol addiction. Cirrhosis is the result of restoring damaged cells in the liver. It can cure itself by replacing damaged parts of the organ. The consequence of this self-treatment leads directly to cirrhosis. Among other roots of the problem doctors usually single out the negative effects of medications, fibrosis, a fatty liver disease that is not connected with alcohol intake.

What factors increase the risks of portal hypertension?

You should clearly understand that everybody can become a victim of the disease. But some conditions increase the chances of portal hypertension development. Firstly, this problem usually troubles those who suffer from alcohol addiction. The risk of cirrhosis, in that case, is rather high, as alcohol damages the liver. But some other conditions produce almost the same or even worse effects on the liver:

  1. Taking drugs is also dangerous, especially when a person uses needles to take it. Through it, he can get infections that can develop hepatitis.
  2. Getting a tattoo is also dangerous when a tattoo-master uses unsterile tools.
  3. Doctors are also in the group of risks as they work with infected blood.
  4. Heredity is also important, especially when a mother had hepatitis. In that case, the risk of portal hypertension is increasing.
  5. Unprotected sex can also lead to the problem because of infections.

How to diagnose the problem and what measures to take?

If you don’t have any symptoms of portal hypertension, it is rather difficult to diagnose the problem. One of the best ways to find it is to use an ultrasound. With the help of this method, doctors look at the portal vein. They observe the process of blood flow through the vein. If an ultrasound is helpless, then doctors usually use a CT scan.

But there is another popular method of how to diagnose the problem. It is called elastography. The idea of this method includes testing of liver tissues in the state of being pushed and probed. Lack of elasticity can be a sign of the problem. If a person has bleeding, in this case, doctors send a patient to endoscopic examination.

When the diagnosis is set, it is high time to take measures to support the body. The key way to treat yourself is to change the way of life. The most necessary changes include diets. If you keep to a diet, and the problem still exists, you should change it to another one. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor to choose the right one. The next key factor of improving your health is giving up smoking and alcohol intake. And another popular way of treatment is physical activity. An active way of life usually helps avoid serious health problems.

If we pay attention to medications, doctors usually prescribe beta-blockers to treat the problem. It helps reduce blood pressure in the body. Among other medications, the most popular are propranolol and isosorbide. They are also aimed at the problem of high blood pressure. Taking this medicine reduces the risk of internal bleeding.

There are some other ways to cope with the problem. The newest one is called a transjugular intrahepatic portal-systemic shunt. The idea of this method is connected with creating new pathways for blood circulation. It simply affects the way of blood flow in the body. And sclerotherapy is also widely used among doctors to cope with portal hypertension. This method helps prevent bleeding in the blood vessels of the liver. It blocks unhealthy blood circulation and eliminated the problem of varicose.

What complications can be set in?

One of the most serious complications that can occur because of portal hypertension is called portal hypertensive gastropathy. This deviation usually enlarges blood vessels and increases blood pressure in veins. Even transjugular intrahepatic portal-systemic shunt can become helpless in this case, as new ways of blood circulation are blocking. It causes permanent bleeding.

What complications can be set in?

Scientists from Rochester University found out, that the problem of portal hypertension can lead to some other additional complications that must be taken into consideration. Except for internal bleeding and fluid buildup in the stomach, there are two dangerous complications set in. They are connected with kidney problems and lungs. And the scientists also found out additional symptoms that can be signs of portal hypertension development. It includes yellow skin and extreme weight loss.

What can be done to protect your liver from damages?

In general, it is impossible to replace damaged cells in the liver, but it is possible to treat portal hypertension. It is necessary to follow all the recommendations given by doctors. Only complex therapy can lead to improvement. It must include leading a healthy lifestyle, regular medicine taking and regular examinations if the problem exists or you have any suspicions. Almost every problem in the body is connected with harmful elements people get from regular alcohol intake and smoking. These habits damage our bodies and can lead to serious chronic diseases not connected only with hypertension.

Hepatitis is considered to be the leading factor of portal hypertension development. Now it becomes possible to prevent the problem. There are lots of ways to protect yourself. Consult a doctor about hepatitis vaccination. If you are afraid of hepatitis development in the body, you can ask for screening, especially when your mother suffered from it. Portal hypertension is a deviation that can be cured if it was diagnosed in time. But the best way to cope with the problem is to lead a way of life that won’t let the problem appear. Unprotected sexual affairs and drug addiction can be the reasons for different problems, and portal hypertension is one of them.

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What does it mean – to have high blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 10, 2020


People face high blood pressure problems, or hypertension when blood is going through the whole body and gives extreme pressure on the vessels. It is said that people with narrow arteries experience high pressure more often than others. It can develop serious illnesses connected especially with heart. It doesn’t appear just on the spot, it can develop for many years. And sometimes people don’t feel any discomfort and symptoms of it.

But even without symptoms, it has a bad influence on different organs in our body, including eyes, brain, and kidneys. And it is especially dangerous for the heart. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to control the level of blood pressure. Regular readings will be important in the struggle with the problem. Sometimes it is necessary to be examined by the doctor over a long time to find the reason.

How can you define that you have blood pressure problems?

The trickiest thing about hypertension is that sometimes people don’t feel any symptoms. And at the same time, the illness is developing ruining the whole body. Some symptoms must be taken into account:

  1. Regular headaches.
  2. Pains in the chest.
  3. Bleeding (sometimes blood can be found even in the urine).
  4. Vertigo.
  5. Shortness of breath.How can you define that you have blood pressure problems?

If you have one of these symptoms, it is better not to wait until others appear and visit a doctor. Not all symptoms can appear simultaneously. You may have headaches, but no vertigo. It is better not to guess what is happening and just consult a doctor. Almost every doctor starts the examination by checking the blood pressure level. If anybody in your family have such problems, the doctor will recommend you to take regular readings. It will decrease the risks of a heart attack or a stroke.

High blood pressure – where is it hidden?

According to doctors, there are two types of hypertension. As there are two types of it, it is obvious that they gave different reasons to appear.

  1. Essential hypertension is the most widespread disease among people. It can be developed with aging. But some doctors state that some reasons may cause this type:
  • Genetic predisposition – it can be the result of mutations in the body. Sometimes it can be inherited from parents.
  • General physical changes – if anything in the body works wrong, it can lead to hypertension. It is mostly connected with changes in kidneys.
  • Way of life and environmental influence – pollution in many forms also produces negative effects on our state, but an unhealthy way of life is even more important. The main cause of developing hypertension is obesity.
  1. Secondary hypertension is even worse than essential because it appears suddenly and it is more serious. It can be developed because of some conditions:
  • Defects in the heart.
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Sleeping apnea.

It is important to mention that diagnosing hypertension is such an undertaking, as our pressure changes during the day. A typical visit to the doctor usually starts with taking blood pressure. If a doctor sees that it is not normal, he may recommend you take several readings for some days or weeks. The doctors need evidence that the problem exists. If it remains high for several days, the doctor will ask you to take some more tests, including urine tests, cholesterol screening, ECG, and ultrasound of the heart and kidneys. These tests will help the doctor to see the root of the problem.

How to define blood pressure readings?

According to the American Heart Association, there are several categories of blood pressure:

  1. Healthy –normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg.
  2. Elevated – it is approximately between 120-129/80 mm Hg.
  3. Stage 1 hypertension – up to 139 in systolic number, and up to 89 in diastolic.
  4. Stage 2 hypertension – higher than 140 mm Hg, higher than 90 mm Hg in diastolic number.
  5. Hypertensive crisis – higher than 180 mm Hg, and higher than 140 mm Hg.High blood pressure – where is it hidden?

It is necessary to mention that these parameters concern adults, and the children’s readings may vary. A doctor must understand it, and be aware that a child can have different readings considered as normal.

Who risks more having high blood pressure?

All people suffering from hypertension have risks of developing serious complications. But there is one category of people who can suffer even more – pregnant women. Though the problem is rather serious, it doesn’t mean that women can deliver healthy babies. The situation is more complex. A dangerous situation is connected with kidney functions. The decrease of this function can cause problems to the child, it can be born prematurely or with low birth weight.

And women are also in danger. The risks of developing hypertension in the future is increasing, if a mother has the same problem during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is considered to be the most serious complication during pregnancy. This is the problem that can lead to death. The problem should be controlled by the doctor during the whole period of pregnancy to prevent possible complications.

The effect high blood pressure produces on the body

As has been mentioned, blood pressure is sometimes known as a silent illness. People have been living with it for many years until symptoms appear. But this problem can lead to some serious consequences and cause serious damage:

  1. Damaged arteries – blood normally flows through our body freely, and if our arteries are damaged, they become tighter and tougher. It is more difficult for the body to circulate blood, the result of it can lead to blockages and even heart attack.
  2. Damages in the heart – hypertension is the reason why your heart is working hard. It is beating more frequently and the result of it can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.
  3. Damaged brain – hypertension reduces the amount of blood delivered to the brain. It can lead to transient ischemic attacks. And blockages that can appear usually kill brain cells, which is known as a stroke.

How to help yourself to avoid hypertension?

Several conditions increase the risk of developing hypertension. But people can help themselves if they follow a healthy way of life. One of the key factors is the food. Fruits and vegetables always produce positive effects on the level of blood pressure. After several weeks you can see the changes after several tests.

It is also recommended to reduce the amount of meat eaten a day, especially dried meat. Another risk is connected with the consumption of sugar. Try to avoid too many yogurts, sweets, and sodas. Moreover, some products contain the so-called hidden sugar. And the final advice is to control weight. Consult your doctor about your normal weight and try to keep it. Physical activity will be of great use. Following these simple rules will help you feel healthier. And the best way to prevent hypertension problems is to eliminate them before they appear.

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