Who risks more having high blood pressure?

What does it mean – to have high blood pressure?

Who risks more having high blood pressure?

What does it mean – to have high blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 10, 2020


People face high blood pressure problems, or hypertension when blood is going through the whole body and gives extreme pressure on the vessels. It is said that people with narrow arteries experience high pressure more often than others. It can develop serious illnesses connected especially with heart. It doesn’t appear just on the spot, it can develop for many years. And sometimes people don’t feel any discomfort and symptoms of it.

But even without symptoms, it has a bad influence on different organs in our body, including eyes, brain, and kidneys. And it is especially dangerous for the heart. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to control the level of blood pressure. Regular readings will be important in the struggle with the problem. Sometimes it is necessary to be examined by the doctor over a long time to find the reason.

How can you define that you have blood pressure problems?

The trickiest thing about hypertension is that sometimes people don’t feel any symptoms. And at the same time, the illness is developing ruining the whole body. Some symptoms must be taken into account:

  1. Regular headaches.
  2. Pains in the chest.
  3. Bleeding (sometimes blood can be found even in the urine).
  4. Vertigo.
  5. Shortness of breath.How can you define that you have blood pressure problems?

If you have one of these symptoms, it is better not to wait until others appear and visit a doctor. Not all symptoms can appear simultaneously. You may have headaches, but no vertigo. It is better not to guess what is happening and just consult a doctor. Almost every doctor starts the examination by checking the blood pressure level. If anybody in your family have such problems, the doctor will recommend you to take regular readings. It will decrease the risks of a heart attack or a stroke.

High blood pressure – where is it hidden?

According to doctors, there are two types of hypertension. As there are two types of it, it is obvious that they gave different reasons to appear.

  1. Essential hypertension is the most widespread disease among people. It can be developed with aging. But some doctors state that some reasons may cause this type:
  • Genetic predisposition – it can be the result of mutations in the body. Sometimes it can be inherited from parents.
  • General physical changes – if anything in the body works wrong, it can lead to hypertension. It is mostly connected with changes in kidneys.
  • Way of life and environmental influence – pollution in many forms also produces negative effects on our state, but an unhealthy way of life is even more important. The main cause of developing hypertension is obesity.
  1. Secondary hypertension is even worse than essential because it appears suddenly and it is more serious. It can be developed because of some conditions:
  • Defects in the heart.
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Sleeping apnea.

It is important to mention that diagnosing hypertension is such an undertaking, as our pressure changes during the day. A typical visit to the doctor usually starts with taking blood pressure. If a doctor sees that it is not normal, he may recommend you take several readings for some days or weeks. The doctors need evidence that the problem exists. If it remains high for several days, the doctor will ask you to take some more tests, including urine tests, cholesterol screening, ECG, and ultrasound of the heart and kidneys. These tests will help the doctor to see the root of the problem.

How to define blood pressure readings?

According to the American Heart Association, there are several categories of blood pressure:

  1. Healthy –normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg.
  2. Elevated – it is approximately between 120-129/80 mm Hg.
  3. Stage 1 hypertension – up to 139 in systolic number, and up to 89 in diastolic.
  4. Stage 2 hypertension – higher than 140 mm Hg, higher than 90 mm Hg in diastolic number.
  5. Hypertensive crisis – higher than 180 mm Hg, and higher than 140 mm Hg.High blood pressure – where is it hidden?

It is necessary to mention that these parameters concern adults, and the children’s readings may vary. A doctor must understand it, and be aware that a child can have different readings considered as normal.

Who risks more having high blood pressure?

All people suffering from hypertension have risks of developing serious complications. But there is one category of people who can suffer even more – pregnant women. Though the problem is rather serious, it doesn’t mean that women can deliver healthy babies. The situation is more complex. A dangerous situation is connected with kidney functions. The decrease of this function can cause problems to the child, it can be born prematurely or with low birth weight.

And women are also in danger. The risks of developing hypertension in the future is increasing, if a mother has the same problem during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is considered to be the most serious complication during pregnancy. This is the problem that can lead to death. The problem should be controlled by the doctor during the whole period of pregnancy to prevent possible complications.

The effect high blood pressure produces on the body

As has been mentioned, blood pressure is sometimes known as a silent illness. People have been living with it for many years until symptoms appear. But this problem can lead to some serious consequences and cause serious damage:

  1. Damaged arteries – blood normally flows through our body freely, and if our arteries are damaged, they become tighter and tougher. It is more difficult for the body to circulate blood, the result of it can lead to blockages and even heart attack.
  2. Damages in the heart – hypertension is the reason why your heart is working hard. It is beating more frequently and the result of it can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.
  3. Damaged brain – hypertension reduces the amount of blood delivered to the brain. It can lead to transient ischemic attacks. And blockages that can appear usually kill brain cells, which is known as a stroke.

How to help yourself to avoid hypertension?

Several conditions increase the risk of developing hypertension. But people can help themselves if they follow a healthy way of life. One of the key factors is the food. Fruits and vegetables always produce positive effects on the level of blood pressure. After several weeks you can see the changes after several tests.

It is also recommended to reduce the amount of meat eaten a day, especially dried meat. Another risk is connected with the consumption of sugar. Try to avoid too many yogurts, sweets, and sodas. Moreover, some products contain the so-called hidden sugar. And the final advice is to control weight. Consult your doctor about your normal weight and try to keep it. Physical activity will be of great use. Following these simple rules will help you feel healthier. And the best way to prevent hypertension problems is to eliminate them before they appear.

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