Author: Den Sanders

What do you need to know about primary arterial hypertension?

Den Sanders April 5, 2020
Among different types of hypertension, there is one type that occurs rather seldom. We mean primary pulmonary hypertension. It spreads its effect on pulmonary arteries and capillaries. As the pressure is increasing, it makes the heart work harder to deliver blood to the lungs by blood vessels. The result of this deviation can lead to heart failure or even death, as the heart is getting weak. Anoth

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What is implied by the notion of “hypertensive heart disease”?

Den Sanders March 28, 2020
Every state connected with high blood pressure is dangerous for a human, as it can cause several illnesses. One of the most important is hypertensive heart diseases. It occurs because of high blood pressure. But first of all, it is necessary to specify the types of illness as they can be various. And the treatment of them also requires different approaches.

What types of hypertensive heart di

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What should be taken into account while taking blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 20, 2020
Hypertension is one of the most important readings that doctors pay attention to. It is so, because a patient may have no symptoms at all, but his blood pressure is not normal. Sooner or later it will be uncovered, but it might be too late. The best way to control blood pressure is to do regular readings. There are usually two numbers that are involved while taking blood pressure: systolic and dia

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What do doctors say about high blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 16, 2020
When doctors say about high blood pressure, they usually use the term “hypertension”. The most dangerous thing about this illness is that you can have no symptoms at all. Due to this fact it is sometimes called a “silent killer”. If people don’t know their blood pressure, it can lead to different complications and consequences. High blood pressure over a long time can influence different organs in

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What does the diagnosis “portal hypertension” mean?

Den Sanders March 11, 2020
The problem is connected with portal veins. These types of veins usually deliver blood from the stomach, pancreas to the liver. The circulation through the liver is very important as it works as a filter. It removes toxins and other harmful elements. When blood produces extreme pressure on the veins, in this case, doctors usually state that a patient has portal hypertension. It is important to not

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What does it mean – to have high blood pressure?

Den Sanders March 10, 2020
  People face high blood pressure problems, or hypertension when blood is going through the whole body and gives extreme pressure on the vessels. It is said that people with narrow arteries experience high pressure more often than others. It can develop serious illnesses connected especially with heart. It doesn’t appear just on the spot, it can develop for many years. And sometimes people

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